Rako Woods Custom Intarsia Wood Art

Rako Woods

  Intarsia is an art form utilizing complex flowing patterns of wood pieces.  These designs are as individual as the artist who creates them.  Pure intarsia utilizes a variety of wood species to create color and contrast instead of stain or paint.  I craft each piece based on my interpretation of the project at hand.  By using a variety of custom tools, I create interest in each unique piece by adding a touch of depth and contour to bring out subtle or sometimes dramatic designs.THE ORIGINAL DESIGNS ARE CREATED BY JUDY GALE ROBERTS. The intarsia carving is done in my studio RAKOWOODS.

  When you have found the article that you wish to purchase, please go to the Etsy.com website and select my shop RAKOWOODS. i

ITS EASY TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDERS, CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED & THRU PAY-PAL. Postage costs are provided for your convenience.  You can also go on-line and simply type in RAKOWOODS and you will find my shop.  Thank you for your interests..




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